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The Diagram Program:






This program measures the overall emission strength in each of the general organ systems. The left side relates to the past and long-standing and subconscious issues, and the right side relates to the present day. Ideally the emotional (without filter) and the physical (with filter) circles should be round and close together.

The letter “A” in the center of the picture represents the person's current stress level. Numbers between 2-4 show a normal level.  All levels located in the green area are showing a normal level energy.  The pink ring is showing a depletion of energy, and yellow is an excess  of energy in any given system. Most often the physical energy is stronger than the emotional energy.

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Your overall results are compiled via the GDV Software suite and charted to the respective area of the body to provide an overview of your total wellness.  (See the slide show above)  You will receive data on both your physical and emotional well being.  (Unless your data is taken at specific events where the GDV is contracted to only measure the emotional field)

We will assist you in interpreting your personal results and can save your profile to compare with subsequent scans. This can provide informative before and after information, allowing you to identify trends and align your overall wellness path to your specific needs.

The Virtual Chakra Program:

The Chakra program provides information on the emotional centers of the body.  Alignment is shown by large spheres presenting down the center line of the image.  The size of the sphere indicates the level of energy that the Chakra is operating with.  Smaller spheres indicate low energy in that center.  Spheres that are off to the left side of the image relate to societetal priority where as spheres located off to the right side of the image indicate a more internal priority.
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The Energy Field Program:

The Energy fields show the collective measurements of the energy surrounding the fingertips as if they were physically located on the body.  The measurement “without filter” shows the emotional state of the person and “with filter” shows the physical state.  It is ideal if the emission appears even around the entire body.

GDV The Test





Electrophotonic Imaging captures and analyzes over 50 parameters using the GDV software suite to measure and chart your personal results.  A simple photograph is taken of each of your fingertips.  Each finger has between 6 and 9 sectors that relate to specific areas of the body. The images are translated into data and then displayed through various software programs.  All of the programs use the images of the collective energetic emissions from the 10 fingertips.

GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Electrophotonic Imaging

What is Electrophotonic imaging?

Electrophotonic imaging is a breakthrough technology that measures the human energy field. And has many applications measuring the environment's energy field.  Electrophotonic imaging gives you unprecedented  insights into your emotional and physical well being on your path to wholeness.

Electrophotonic applications

for the human biofield:

  • Locates where stress is affecting the body's systems
  • Demonstrates levels of vitality and stamina
  • Reveals present moment information on the energy level and priority of the seven energy centers (Chakras)
  • Electrophotonic imaging provides useful information about the state of your health and well being and the effectiveness of wellness enhancing choices.

This technology is widely used in 42 countries across Europe in Hospitals, Universities and Clinics. It is approved by the Ministry of Health in Russia as a Certified Medical Device. In 1996 the GDV camera was invented by renowned Russian Biophysicist and professor of physics Konstantin Korotkov. He holds at least 12 patents for his inventions in Biophysics. 

Measuring the Previously Immeasurable

While the current technology behind Electrophotonics has been in use since 1995, the foundation of what it measures is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 12 primary meridians of the human body. These are the same meridians accessed in Acupuncture, Reiki and many other energy approaches.

Our mission is to empower each individual with imagery and information that is direct feedback from their own dynamic system.

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